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Plug Before You Crimp

Plug Before You Crimp

Jun 1, 2010 12:00 PM, By Chriss Scherer

Tech Tips, June 2010

Installing RJ-45 connectors used to be a pain, especially with CAT-5e stranded cable. Those individual strands wanted to twist out of position more times than not. If you didn’t notice until after you crimped the connector, you either had to cut the connector off and re-do, or, unfortunately, discover the trouble only after installing a run and having the connection fail.

Michael Bradford, CPBE, Broadcast/Audio Services, Jackson, MI, discovered the Platinum Tools EZ RJ-45 plugs some time ago during a studio installation at WHMI in Howell, MI. These plugs permit the individual strands to pass through the connector to confirm proper alignment before being crimped. Even if there’s a twisty wires can be re-aligned and re-inserted properly before the crimp is made. No wasted connectors, no failed connections and the cable insulation can be tucked into the base of the connector for a secure fit. The Platinum crimping tool will also shear off the extended strands � or you can use your present crimping tool and cut off the excess with side-cutters.

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