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Sign Off: 2013 Salary Survey

Sign Off: 2013 Salary Survey

Oct 1, 2013 9:00 AM, By Chriss Scherer, editor

Average years in current position31
Average years in the broadcast engineering field62.4
Percent belong to the SBE
Other memberships:
7.5% APRE
6.5% AES
9.7% IEEE
2.2% NARTE
30.1% ARRL53.4
Percent who received a raise in the past 12 months.
Median increase 3%; average 5.5%
In 2012: 54% received a raise, median raise 12.5%; average raise 4.4%63.7
Percent age 55 and older
67% in 201241.9
percent are not certified
51.6% are SBE certified
3.2% are NARTE certified
7.5% are Microsoft certified
4.3% are Cisco certifiedSBE Certification stats:
3.2% CEA
14.0% CBNT
5.4% CBNE
14.0% CBT
7.5% CBRE
14.0% CSRE
19.4% CPBE
6.5% AMD
4.3% DRB
2.2% CRO

Radio magazine has conducted an annual salary survey since being launched in 1994. We provide this information as a service to the radio industry and those who work on the technical side. We gather data by soliciting information from readers like you. Thanks to those who took the time to respond and contribute. We placed links in all our email newsletters and on the Radio magazine website. With your input we can provide the most accurate overview of radio technical salaries.

By the Numbers

Contract Engineering

Methodology: From Aug. 27, 2013, to Sept. 27, 2013, Radio magazine solicited responses to an online survey by posting a link at and noting the link in all its email newsletters.

October 2013

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