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Sign Off: Women’s Radio Usage

Sign Off: Women’s Radio Usage

Dec 1, 2011 1:15 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

In 2011 Alan Burns & Associates conducted a survey of women 15-54 who listen to AC and Top 40 analyzing their attitudes toward radio and new media, what strengths radio can maximize, how new media affects radio, and more. Here are some of the highlights.

Respondents who were listening to radio more in the last year because they said “radio gets me.”

Respondents who had radios in their car.

Other media in the car:
CD . . . . 69.6%
iPod . . . . 34.1%
satellite radio . . . . 12.8%
TV . . . . 3%
HD Radio . . . . 2.7%
laptop . . . . 2.4%

Respondents who own a cell phone.

79.2% laptop
55.3% iPod
12.8% satellite radio (car)
8.1% iPad

How Women Use Media

.Rarely/ NeverMonthlyWeeklyDailyDaily TSLWatch TV
on TV
4%2%9%85%4:30Listen to
radio on radio
15%6%12%68%1:45LIsten to
stored music files
videos online
music streams
station website
46%27%17%10%:15Radio station
Facebook page
on phone
77%8%8%7%:15Radio (on radio,
online, phone)

Why Women Listen to Radio

A. Listen to escape or improve mood
B. Listen to hear my favorite songs
C. Listen to hear current today”s hits
D. Listen to hear songs from the past
E. Listen because some people are entertaining
F. Listen to find out what”s popular
G. Listen to find out what”s going on
H. Listen because i like the contests and games
I. Listen to hear fun and funny stuff in the a.m.
J. I listen often at home
K. I rarely hear a song that is new to me
L. I listen to radio often at work
M. Wish stations would stop playing contests

Media Familiarity

Streaming PlatformKnows AboutUsesYouTube71%92.5%Pandora50%77.6%Rhapsody20.6%73.5%AOL Music18.2%54.5%HD Radio4.5%31.4%Playlist.com10.7%28%iHeartRadio8.9%25.7%

Source: Alan Burns and Associates, “Here She Comes 2011: Insights into Women, Radio and New Media.” Women 15-54, AC and Top 40 Listeners, N=2,020, June 17 – June 30, 2011.

Read the entire survey. Login required.

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