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Sonifex CM-TBU, CM-TLL

Sonifex CM-TBU, CM-TLL

Sep 7, 2010 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Line-powered telephone units

These small line-powered telephone balance and telephone line listen units act as two- to four-wire converters for IFB applications. The CM-TBU is compatible with all analog direct exchange lines and provides a four-wire communications system to interface with the telephone network. The high degree of separation between send and receive signals makes it suitable for use in telephone IFB (interrupted foldback) applications and the high drive capacity at the four-wire output enables a presenter’s earpiece to be connected directly to the unit without an external amplifier. The CM-TLL provides a low-loss interface to receive audio from a telephone line. The line-powered unit is compatible with all analog direct exchange lines and includes an LED indication of incoming calls. It is intended to be used with an earpiece amplifier to receive an audio feed by telephone from a studio. The line and telephone set are connected to the unit via the RJ-11 connectors in order to make an outgoing call. A telephone may not be required if calls are only incoming, because telephone line ringing is indicated by a flashing LED built into the unit.
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