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TX2 From DHD Fits Where Space Is at a Premium

Multitouch mixing console can stand alone or extend a DHD system

The recently introduced TX2 from is a multitouch mixing console that can be placed on a desktop or attached to a worksurface via a VESA-based connector.

“We have designed the TX2 for daily operation where space is at a premium, such as news desks, co-host panels, edit suites and newsgathering vehicles,” says Christoph Gottert, DHD’s head of international sales. 

“It can be used standalone or as an easy way to extend any DHD system. The TX2 provides access to a lot of features within a very small footprint, just 25.8 cm (about 10 inches) wide by 27 cm front to back. Its forward-sloping tabletop panel includes a 10.1-inch capacitive multitouch IPS display, two assignable potentiometers and six silent multi-color hardware buttons, allowing professional audio mixing.”

Using DHD’s Toolbox software, TX2 operators can configure the mixer layout that best fits their workflow. The number and size of faders can be assigned easily, buttons can be linked to the required functions and peak meters can be set to show specific channel signal levels.

The TX2 connects to a core processor or concentrator via a network cable that also carries all audio and control signals, plus power, up to 100 meters. The mixing panel can be used with DHD XC3 or XD3 cores in isolation or as part of a larger mixing system and does not require a PC.

Frequently used connectors for projects such as for telephone interviews or dubbing can be accessed on the mixer’s low rear panel. With its talkback microphone and loudspeaker, the TX2 can also be used as talkback unit or monitoring controller. produces a range of broadcast equipment including digital mixers, routing and talkback matrices, IP interfaces and supporting software; the products are developed and manufactured in Germany.

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