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The 1st annual Radio Innovative Product Award Winner 2004

The 1st annual Radio Innovative Product Award Winner 2004

Aug 1, 2005 12:00 PM

Introduced in 2004, the Radio magazine Innovative Product Awards were developed to honor excellence in new product development in the radio industry. The awards demonstrate the talent and commitment of the people in every aspect of development at each company, from concept through sales. The entrants were listed in the 2005 Radio magazine Buyers Guide that was included in the December 2004 issue.

The stereo audio from all the tuners is available on the 50-pin header on the card.

Manufacturers submitted products in several categories, and the winners were selected through an online form by you, the Radio magazine reader. The results were tallied at the end of February, and the winners were presented with their awards at NAB2005. Over the next few months, we will profile each of these winning products.

The 2005 Innovative Product Award entries will be listed in the Radio magazine 2006 Buyers Guide, which will be released in December.


Audio Science


A PCI card with eight AM/FM tuners, the Audio Science ASI8702 receives radio signals and creates a mono or stereo stream from each tuner to the PCI bus. As many as eight cards can be installed in a system. The audio can be sampled at rates from 8kHz to 48kHz.

The AM portion of each tuner covers a range from 520kHz to 1,750kHz. The FM portion covers a range of 76MHz to 109MHz. The stereo decoder is software controlled.

The tuners are controlled through a software interface.

A 75Ohm F connector on the card bracket connects an antenna to all the tuners. A DB-9 connector supplies a line-level mono version of each tuner signal. The ASI Mixer software allows the user to select which tuner feeds output one. Tuners two through eight have dedicated line outputs on the connector. The full stereo signal is available from a 50-pin header on the card. Drivers are available for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Linux.

The tuners are controlled with the ASI Mixer software. This sets the band, frequency and attenuation for each tuner section. The RF input level is also displayed for reference. The display also indicates when the tuner PLL is locked and if there is an FM stereo pilot.

Applications for the ASI8702 include broadcast monitoring and logging, advertising verification and content identification. Other models in the series include the ASI8703 (eight FM/NTSC-TV tuners), ASI8705 (four AM/FM and four FM/NTSC-TV tuners), ASI8712 (four AM/FM tuners) ad the ASI8713 (four FM/NTSC-TV tuners). Custom tuner configurations are also available.