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2000 Marconi Radio Awards A Smash

2000 Marconi Radio Awards A Smash

The 2000 NAB Radio Show closed with a bang Saturday night in San Francisco where attendees gathered to recognize the best in the industry at a gala dinner atop the Hilton Hotel.

The 2000 Marconi Radio Show Awards were presented to personalities and stations in 22 categories, from Legendary Station of the Year, WEBN(FM) in Cincinnati to Small Market Personality of the Year, Tim Wilson of WAXX(FM) in Eau Claire, Wis.

WOMC(FM) of Detroit won the Major Market Station of the Year and Oldies Station of the Year awards. WOMC morning man and 1993 Major Market Personality Marconi winner Dick Purtan was host and funny man through out the proceedings.

Stepping off stage as each award was accepted, Purtan returned to the podium mid-way through the evening sporting a bright red streak on his lower lip. The streak grew slightly but noticeably larger each time he returned to present the next award.

Finally Purtan sheepishly explained that he wasn’t wearing lipstick, but that he had bumped into the microphone. The next time Purtan came back to center stage, he had pasted a band-aid over the sore spot, a move that made the crowd roar as he stood silently and allowed his repair to be observed by all.

The crowd was also regaled by radio and TV legend Gary Owens, who apologized on behalf of his good friend Jonathan Winters who was unable to address the crowd due to his wife’s illness.

And as the evening’s sponsor, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Musician’s Senior Vice President and Director of Licensing Vincent Candilora introduced the band Lynyrd Skynyrd. As the southern rockers rocked into their set, lighters flickered above many of the attendees’ heads. One guest, apparently lacking any smoking appliances, removed the votive candle from the centerpiece on his table and balanced it upon his bald and gleaming head.

A complete list of the 2000 Marconi Award Winners is available at

Laura Dely