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‘Julius, Here’s Our To-Do List’

And can you cut back on the number of congratulatory FCC press releases while you're at it?

If you were the incoming chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, what would be your first priority?

You probably have some thoughts. The lawyers at Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth do, too, and for the benefit of presumed future chairman Julius G., they posted the list to their blog.

Among their suggestions: Move things along faster at the FCC. Stop “wasting time chasing the chimera of broadcast indecency.” Quit with the “localism” stuff. Abolish the public file rules. Finalize the issue of FM translators for AM stations. Resolve international coordination issues with Mexico. Oh, and take that NASCAR poster off the wall.

Radio World contributor Harry Cole is a key member of the FHH team, and we suspected some of his handiwork behind other suggestions like “Authorize pocket-size cell phone jammers for use on the Washington Metro.” (However he credits his colleage Mitch Lazarus for that one.)

You can read the full list here.