'World's Only Laser Turntable' Comes to North America

'World's Only Laser Turntable' Comes to North America
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Break out those old Fleetwood Mac records. A Japanese company has introduced what it calls the world's only laser turntable into North American markets.
ELP Corp. said the device retails for $15,000 and "employs patented technology that produces phenomenal fidelity while never physically touching the record," thus eliminating deterioration to the surface.
The company said the turntable also allows the user to play records that have been severely warped or damaged. A remote control provides pause and scan functions.
The company said it sold 1,000 of the units in 2005. Its president stated, "With between 20 and 30 billion vinyl records still being preserved worldwide, we recognize that there remains a large faction of music enthusiasts who prefer the warm, analog sound of a turntable." While it targets consumers, the company includes broadcast stations among its list of possible users.


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