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A Gathering of News Gatherers

AES panel to examine new technologies and practices; Skip Pizzi moderates

The tools may change but the goal is the same for those broadcast journalists focusing on audio for news gathering.

With that in mind, Radio World Contributing Editor Skip Pizzi will lead a panel discussion, “Audio for News Gathering” at the upcoming AES convention in New York, Oct. 9–12.

Pizzi, along with Andrew Butterworth of the BBC, Robert Duncan of NPR, Mike Noseworthy of NBC and Chris Tobin of CBS Radio, will examine current technologies and the wave of new technologies making their way into practice.

The aim is to elevate the alphabet soup of BGAN, HE-AAC, SDHC into comprehensible forms and gain an understanding of the efficiencies and advantages some of these formats and codecs have over others. Also to be considered are the new, often-automated destinations and uses for audio throughout the expanding broadcast/new media chain.

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