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ABC Plans ‘Talk Radio Row’ for Political Conventions

ABC Plans 'Talk Radio Row' for Political Conventions

ABC Radio has outlined its plans for covering the political conventions. Peter Jennings will report each day’s convention headlines on ABC News Radio at 5 p.m. Eastern; major events will be anchored live by ABC News Radio Special Correspondent Gil Gross. Talk hosts Sean Hannity, Larry Elder and John Batchelor will do commentary and interviews.
“In addition to ABC’s radio booth above the convention floor, our correspondents will be equipped with wireless laptops and editing software to produce dynamic radio reports from the convention centers and throughout the host cities,” stated Steve Jones, vice president of ABC News Radio.
ABC has arranged special busses to serve as mobile editing areas and newsrooms for the conventions upcoming in Boston and New York.
Infinity Radio and Clear Channel also will use facilities on ABC’s “Talk Radio Row” at both conventions, according to the network.