Adobe Acquisition Updates, Re-brands, Cool Edit Pro

Adobe Acquisition Updates, Re-brands, Cool Edit Pro
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In May 2003, Adobe Systems acquired Syntrillium Software and its assets, including Cool Edit Pro. As part of this acquisition, Cool Edit Pro has been upgraded and renamed; beginning next month Cool Edit Pro users will be able to download Adobe Audition.
Adobe Audition includes all the mixing, editing, mastering, effects and analysis tools from, Cool Edit Pro 2.1, as well as thousands of royalty-free loops, including many from the Loopology Web site. Adobe video products have been integrated as well.
Current owners of Cool Edit Pro 2.1 are eligible for a complimentary upgrade to Adobe Audition when it becomes available in late August. Cool Edit Pro 1.x users can upgrade to Adobe Audition for US$99. For more information go to


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Cool Edit Pro 2.0: Even Cooler

In its earliest days, Cool Edit was a shareware download. It did a bunch of neat things to your audio for almost no money. And if you could deal with a nag screen and work around that "two-features-only" limitation in demo mode, you could live forever off the free download.