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AdsWizz Serves Internet Radio Service

User Report: Internet broadcaster Digitally Imported Inc. likes ad insertion, marketing capabilities

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Digitally Imported Inc. is one of the largest independent multichannel Internet radio services. We operate three online stations: for electronic music, and, which consists of reggae, jazz, alternative and classic rock. Since 2000, we have been providing music to our online listening base around the world. Ad placement is how we make our revenues; we selected AdsWizz as one of our ad serving platforms, due to their flexibility, exceptional support services and the momentum they are generating.

Many of our customers are viewing content online as well as listening, and it was important for our profit center to be able to insert banner ads as well as audio Web player ads easily. AdsWizz supports pre-roll as well as mid-rollvideo advertising, so that ads can be inserted anytime into the stream, and at differing sizes.

Streamlined tech

The AdsWizz system comprises several key subsystems, which optionally can combine. We enlisted the Audio Injector for Streamers (AIS) offering, working with one of our servers to communicate back to AdsWizz’s server and hosted offering. Our Linux platform favors a flexible server to be able to insert ads as needed. The AIS is a hyperfast, multithreaded C/C++/Java-based system and runs easily on our Linux system, as it is platform-independent.

Because the AIS works with streaming servers that manage one-to-one connections to end-listeners, the AIS is able to inject different ads to different listeners, unlike broadcast FM, and takes advantage of one-to-one marketing. We are able to access the ad server at our dedicated site. We especially like the compatibility with multiple listening formats, including MP3 streams and AAC Plus.

It was key for us to be able to target ads to geographic regions. Our audience is located around the world and we wanted to be able to hypertarget ads based on market and other demographics. Advertisers wanted to know which markets their ads were reaching; AdsWizz provided us with demographics on browser language, operating system, bandwidth and time of day/day of week listening information. Targeting information is provided in real time in a centralized report, which includes specialized audio and video reporting metrics.

In addition, AdsWizz was able to provide us with an intermediary service of ad campaigns to occupy all available advertising slots in multiple markets. This was a key advantage as it serves to monetize our revenue for streaming media ads.

For information, contact Alexis Van De Wyer at AdsWizz in California at 408-674-4355 or visit

Ari Shohat is CEO of Digitally Imported, Inc.