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AEQ’s New Casa

New factory pushes all the green buttons

Spanish audio equipment maker AEQ has moved into a new HQ and factory installation outside of Madrid.

Located in Legatec Scientific Business Park in the Madrid suburb of Laganés, AEQ’s new facility features photovoltaic solar power panels which, if enough sun is available, allows AEQ to generate more power than it uses. The excess power is sold back to the local power company.

The facility also recycles a large amount of its water and waste while also collecting rainwater for irrigation and the fire suppression system.

The interior expanse is, according to a release, “human-friendly … and offers employees and visitors an inviting, natural and relaxing environment” and was “strategically positioned to take full advantage of the natural sunlight available.”

No word on foosball tables, espresso machines or Feng shui masters.