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Ahead: Clocks to Fall Back

Ahead: Clocks to Fall Back

Don’t forget the time change.
Clocks are turned back this weekend in most of the United States.
The Traffic Directors Guild of America sent out reminders to its membership: “Program Logs for Sunday will … involve that dreaded 25th hour to be squeezed into a normal 24-hour day as clocks get turned ‘back’ at 2 a.m. local time,” it stated. Arizona, Hawaii and parts of Indiana are always on Standard time and are not affected.
CEO Larry Keene said, “The biggest concern isn’t adding another page to the traditional program logs, it’s being certain the automated digital computers that help control most of today’s broadcasters won’t somehow ‘override’ planned programming with automatic updates built into their software.”
And what do stations do with the “extra” hour? The Guild said some simply repeat the 1-2 a.m. hour of programming, others air parties or sell sponsorships of the extra hour to overnight businesses.