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American Amplifier Technologies Grows Product Offerings With New Partnership

System Engineering Solutions brings its RF transmission products to the table

American Amplifier Technologies (AAT) and System Engineering Solutions (SYES) have teamed up to design and manufacture TV and FM transmission products, including transmitters, filters and combiners, antenna systems, coaxial line and rigid transmitter line and components.

The partnership was announced at the closing of the 2023 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Steve Wilde, president and CEO of AAT, told Radio World that this alliance will ultimately lead to a wider array of product offerings and full turn-key installation solutions, including transmitter and tower services and better maintenance and engineering support.

Both companies will now sell and manufacture products together. Products in the U.S. will be manufactured, assembled and distributed from the AAT facilities in Sacramento, Calif. SYES’ facilities in Florida will also be used to help with product distribution between the East and West Coast, said Wilde.

AAT designs and manufactures broadcast and industrial electrical products, including transmitters, RF power meters, audio processors and a variety of antennas. The company recently acquired FM antenna manufacturer Shively Labs in April, with all of Shively’s operations moving to AAT’s California facilities. In January of this year, Shively’s former owner, Howell Laboratories, decided to move away from the broadcasting business after 40 years to “focus on new growth opportunities.”

SYES designs and manufactures RF transmission products, providing air-cooled and liquid-cooled FM & TV transmitter systems.

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