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…And Detweiler’s Role to Change

Speaking of Jeff Detweiler, his role at Ibiquity is changing.

Speaking of Jeff Detweiler, his role at Ibiquity is changing.

Effective Oct. 1, he’s moving back to the Business Development Group as director, reporting to Scott Stull, vice president of that group.

He will help manufacturers in developing HD-T technology “roadmaps,” support domestic and international business relationships and coordinate test plans with manufacturers and regulatory agencies.

Jeff became director of broadcast technology in 2006. I asked him to name (only two) notable accomplishments in that position; he said one was helping to transition the single exciter to an architecture with three elements: Importer, Exporter and Exgine. “The goal was to reduce the data that had to be carried by the STL systems,” he told me.

Another big accomplishment was helping to unify what was called Program-Associated Data, and is now called Program Service Data on Main Program Service and Supplemental Program Service.

Previously the PAD data was treated differently for the main channel than for the supplemental channels. It was created and processed differently by the IBOC system, he said.

“In order to make it easier for the automation and receiver guys, we came up with a unified method for both,” he said, work accomplished by the reference development team.

Detweiler joined the company in 2000 when it was USA Digital Radio; he was broadcast business rollout manager.