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Antenna Tune-ups Available

Kintronic Labs offers refurbs on dated equipment

Is your antenna system, once as smooth and powerful as a classic 1960s muscle car, now puttering along like a 1970s economy car? Yes, it still works well enough to get you around town but it’s costing you money in maintenance and time. And it’s no chick magnet.

Kintronic Labs is offering to ease some pain in the form of tune-ups for antenna phasing systems.

President Tom King explained: “What we are offering is to take used phasing system equipment and rework it utilizing a new design requirement where it makes economic sense to do so. The work would be done in our facilities and not at the site of the radio station. Depending on the amount of time involved in disassembling the old phasing and matching equipment, it may be less expensive to purchase a new system.”

Kintronic will consider other work as well on a case-by-case basis: “We are also offering to rework/refurbish existing inductor assemblies and RF contactors. Where possible we will provide loaners to enable the old parts to be removed from the antenna system to permit them to be sent back to us for re-work. There are so many AM sites that are in a very poor state of repair that could benefit from this type of service while keeping within their budget.”