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Arbitron Buys RADAR For $25 M

Arbitron Buys RADAR For $25 M

Arbitron has purchased the RADAR radio network audience survey from Statistical Research Inc. for $25 million, payable over two years.
RADAR, Radio’s All Dimension Audience Research, measures audiences to radio commercials aired on 20 radio networks operated by ABC, American Urban Radio networks, Premiere and Westwood One.
“National advertisers are willing to pay a higher cost per rating point for commercials run on RADAR-rated networks in part because the audience estimates are based on the commercial clearance system that is an integral part of the service,” stated David Lapovsky, EVP, Worldwide Research, Arbitron.
Arbitron plans to increase the sample size for the RADAR survey using local market diaries.
A number of SRI employees who work on RADAR become Arbitron employees with the purchase and will remain in Westfield, N.J. SRI principals Gale Metzger and Gerald Glasser will continue their SRI roles with Arbitron during the transition.