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Arbitron Launches Smartphone Measurement Service

Research promises insights for clients into use of mobile devices, operating systems

As smartphone and tablet ownership rises, Arbitron’s Mobile division has launched a syndicated “opt-in research panel” in the U.S. to produce data about how consumers use them.

The service, Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels, relies on software meters on each device. In the U.S., the company set up a panel of 6,000 smartphone and tablet users recruited in November.

The idea here is to provide clients like marketers and content providers with info about how mobile consumers are acting as they use apps, surf, use social media and shop. The meter also provides data on what ads consumers are exposed to, how they act on those ads and how they use devices to communicate.

The service measures reach, frequency, use and consumer engagement. Arbitron says its measurement technology can serve real-time, context-sensitive questionnaires to a user’s mobile device. The feature is designed for custom research studies of the user experience or ad effectiveness.

To be included, individuals must be at least 18. They voluntarily install the Arbitron Mobile on-device meter app on a smartphone or tablet.

With the addition of this syndicated service in the U.S., Arbitron Mobile operates syndicated mobile research panels in six countries: United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Denmark, France and Germany.