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Arbitron Revises Streaming Reporting Policy

AM/FM stations streams can have different content outside of home market

Arbitron is changing its reporting policies related to a station’s Internet stream.

The audience research firm is dropping the requirement that a broadcaster simulcast any content outside the station’s home Radio Metro and DMA.

A station must still simulcast 100% of its content inside its Radio Metro and DMA to be eligible for total line reporting.

In order to be eligible for total line reporting previously, a stream had to simulcast 100% with its over-the-air partner, including any commercials, throughout the stream’s reach. In May, Arbitron changed its policy to enable a stream to receive TLR while substituting commercials outside the home market of its over-the-air partner, subject to certain restrictions.

After reviewing the results Arbitron is now officially changing its policy.

The Radio Advisory Council had asked for the change, to give greater flexibility to stations that stream. The new policy will become effective with the Summer Diary survey and July Portable People Meter Report.

Total Line estimates will be reported for a combo in any market in which the combo meets the applicable Minimum Reporting Standard. The combo’s estimates are reported with the primary station’s call letters, regardless of the amount of listening the respective partners contribute.