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Arbitron to Debut eBook

Arbitron to Debut eBook

Arbitron has been testing a Web-based version of the “book” for awhile and plans to debut it for radio subscribers starting July 17, coinciding with the release of Spring 2006 ratings.
The eBook is a Web-based, electronic replacement for the printed Arbitron Radio Market Report. Subscribers will get access information for the new eBook in all 297 Arbitron Radio Metros. The company says advantages include faster delivery and easier access to information.
The eBook replaces the Advances; the audience research firm is eliminating that expense for those who paid for an early peek at the data. The eBook releases early in the delivery schedule.
For radio stations, Arbitron says eBook will be the first data to release in two-book markets, and among the first releases in four-book markets. Agencies will receive their Arbitron eBook at the same time as they receive data for their media buying systems.
Arbitron has added group ownership information to eBook. A demo is available online.