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Argh! Shiver Me Delivery!

Pirate! Promotion, Backbone Networks team up for music delivery

At the recent SXSW music, film and interactive conference, music-marketing firm Pirate! Promotion worked with Backbone Networks, an Internet delivery network focusing on broadcast-style media, to demonstrate an Internet-based music delivery service for college radio stations.

Steve Theo of Pirate! Promotion explained: “Following the success we’ve seen in implementing our music delivery downloads page, we think automatic delivery will make things even easier for stations… Each week we’re adding new files, and when stations opt-in they get new music delivered right into their database without any downloading, ripping, processing, etc. It’s a seamless process for the station, and they can still choose to add/pass on any songs they like/dislike.”

Pirate! will utilize Backbone hardware but data will ultimately reside at remote servers (i.e., “in the cloud”), allowing for remote operation and redundancy.

Part of the motivation of the new service is to allow the artist, especially new artists, a direct and immediate relation with potential performance outlets according to a release. Artists can access the service without relying upon an agent or a large recording label.