Audemat Introduces Several Products At IBC

Audemat Introduces Several Products At IBC
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Audemat plans to introduce several products, including Goldenear, ITS4 and Datacaster at this year's IBC, which starts Friday in Amsterdam.
Goldenear can measure and record many parameters of a station's signal, including the composite signal, pilot, RF, RDS, left channel, right channel, L+R and L-R. Version 2 includes a new cartographic module allowing users to replay and view both curve and cartographic representation. It also creates a quality index and allows comparisons between competing signals.
ITS4 is a monitoring device for broadcast networks and individual stations including every station in a market or specific stations allowing stations to control the continuity and quality of their signal. Monitoring includes RF analysis, composite monitoring, co-channel monitoring, intruder detection, RDS data control and false alarm identification.
The new Datacaster range of FM data encoders meet FM sub-carrier application needs. Datacaster includes RDS encoders and DARC encoders, as well as combined RDS/DARC units. Upgrading from RDS- or DARC-only encoders to combine RDS/DARC capabilities is possible through a download.
For more information contact the company in Massachusetts at (978) 392-2110 or check out the Web site at
The IBC runs Sept. 8-12.
Paul Cogan