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Audemat-Aztec Promotes Monitoring Solution

Audemat-Aztec Promotes Monitoring Solution

Audemat-Aztec says its IP2 Choice is a modular remote control in TCP/IP with script-easy software.
The IP2 enables control of conditions on the transmitter site. Equipment installed on site can be interfaced via serial communication port to the IP2 Choice.
The IP2 Choice acts as a gateway between the Ethernet or telephone network and the remote equipment. It can be made up of a mix of digital input boards, relay boards, analog metering channel boards and RS232/485 communication boards.
Used as a 2RU, 19-inch rack-mounted unit, the IP2 can be integrated with 16 boards. Several units can be linked to provide thousands of I/Os.
IP2 technology is accessible in the IP2 Choice through its embedded Web site, which offers such IP2 services as HTTP, SMTP, SNMP and FTP for remote IP connection, alarm dispatch via e-mail and other controls. Alarms reception and communication with the unit can also be made through regular phone and cell phone.
Using the IP2 Choice with the Goldeneagle and Manager Web server software provides network management and a global monitoring solution. Alarms received from remote Goldeneagle and IP2 Choice units at the transmitter can be centralized in one software program along with site configuration.