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Audemat-Aztec to Manufacture HD Radio Monitoring Products

Audemat-Aztec to Manufacture HD Radio Monitoring Products

Audemat-Aztec, Inc. has licensed Ibiquity’s HD Radio technology for its radio test and monitoring products. The company says this will help it assist AM and FM broadcasters in the transition to digital by offering mobile products capable of measuring coverage and analyzing quality of HD Radio reception.
This agreement reinforces our presence in the U.S. market,” stated Bruno Rost, managing director of Audemat-Aztec SA, who added customers asked for such a product.
The product, named NavIBOC, is being designed and will be available for sale at NAB
2005 said the company.
According to Ibiquity, more than 400 radio stations have licensed HD Radio technology and are live, or in the process of going live, with digital broadcasts.