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Audio Engineering Book Back

“Audio Systems Design and Installation” is republished by Post Toronto Books

Though it’s not specifically a radio engineering book, “Audio Systems Design and Installation” by Philip Giddings has many useful lessons within for the radio broadcast engineer.

A release explains that the “Rane Pro Audio Reference” calls it “the book on interconnection wiring, grounding, shielding and AC power,” and says the 600-page book has come to be valued by sound system designers and installers.

The release quotes an online reviewing as saying, “This book is still the only place I have found guidelines for interfacing every conceivable combination of audio gear. If you are designing a studio, sound system, or other multimedia equipment, you need to read most of this book before you pick up your soldering iron.”

Alan Hardiman of Post Toronto Books says the book was republished because “Used copies of older editions are listed on at over 20 times the cover price, which — if nothing else — indicates its continued high demand in the face of what has been, until now, very limited supply.” He added, “I suspect that the previous publisher allowed the book to go out of print simply because they couldn’t reach its target audience via the traditional book retailing model.”

Price: $69.95