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Audio Quality to Be Debated in AES Panel

Audio Quality to Be Debated in AES Panel

“Does Quality Matter, or Has the iPod Defeated the Listening Room?” That’s the title of an Audio Engineering Society panel discussion set for New York on Wednesday, May 12. Pro audio and consumer electronics industry experts will debate whether it makes sense to develop and sell high quality audio formats to consumers who seem more than happy with compressed digital formats.
Scheduled to be on hand are: David Baker, a recording engineer with over 2,000 albums to his credit; Chris Byrne, general manager and co-founder, NHT home loudspeakers and NHTPro professional studio monitors; Kevin Clement, senior director, new technology, BMG Music; Elliot Fishkin, owner, Innovative Audio, a specialty retailer of reference quality systems and Elliot Mazer, record producer, senior vice president, radio computing services, RCS Sound Software.