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AudioScience Expands Tuner PCI Adapter Line

AudioScience Expands Tuner PCI Adapter Line

AudioScience has introduced four-tuner versions of its ASI8700 series of broadcast tuner PCI adapters.
The ASI8712 has four AM/FM tuners, each of which may be set to an independent AM or FM station. Audio from each tuner is presented to the computer host as a mono or stereo record stream that may be accessed through a high-speed bus master PCI interface.
Another model, the ASI8713, is similar but it offers four FM/NTSC-TV audio tuners.
An RF connector on the card bracket supplies the AM/FM/TV signal to the tuners. Each tuner has a software-selectable attenuation of 0 or 20 dB. A DB-9 connector supplies a line-level mono version of each tuner audio signal. The stereo signal is available from a 50-pin header on the board.
An onboard 225 MHz, 32-bit floating point DSP provides audio processing and streaming allowing four stereo streams to be sent to the host PC for recording and/or further analysis.
Driver support includes Windows 2000, Windows XP and Linux. Under Windows, both a low latency WDM driver and traditional WAVE driver are available. Linux support includes the standard ALSA interface as well as the AudioScience HPI interface.
The AudioScience ASI8702/03 Eight-Channel Tuner Adapter won “Cool Stuff” honors from Radio World last year.
Info: Call (302) 324-5333 or click here.