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AudioScience Introduces AM/FM/TV Tuner Adapters

AudioScience Introduces AM/FM/TV Tuner Adapters

Audio peripheral manufacturer AudioScience is introducing two new broadcast tuner adapters at NAB next month.
The ASI8702 (AM/FM) and the ASI8703 (FM/TV) each contain eight tuners. Each tuner can be set to an independent AM or FM radio station. Audio from each tuner is presented to the computer host as a mono or stereo record stream that can be accessed through a high speed bus.
The ASI8702 AM tuners has a medium wave tuning range of 520 Hz to 1750 Hz; FM range is 76 MHz to 108 MHz with software controlled stereo decoding. The ASI8703 TV tuner provides channels 2 through 69. For more information, go to