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Axia Releases Ethernet Adapter for Audio Applications

Axia Releases Ethernet Adapter for Audio Applications

Axia Audio debuted its AES/EBU node, a digital audio to Ethernet adapter that enables networking in professional audio applications. The node features eight stereo AES3 inputs and eight stereo AES3 outputs in a 1 RU device, with an auto-sensing power supply to combat wall-warts or line-lumps.
The Ethernet port, enabled by the Axia Livewire audio network, connects the AES/EBU node to a media network based on conventional Ethernet switching technology. A Web server enables remote configuration and control by way of a standard web browser. The node also contains a dot matrix front panel display that facilitates device identification during installation and provides audio confidence metering.
“This adapter node allows clients to connect their digital equipment directly to the network, eliminating A/D/A conversions,” says a company spokesman. “Analog and digital nodes can be mixed as needed so that every device in the facility is available on the network. And because wiring infrastructure is significantly decreased, so is the cost associated with labor, maintenance and materials. “
Axia’s marketing director added, “Connect one to an analog audio node and you have 16 A-to-D and 16 D-to-A 24-bit Delta-Sigma converters. Connect a few of these to an Ethernet switch and you have a 32×32 stereo digital routing switcher. And it all runs on CAT-6 cables.”
For more information, contact Axia Audio at (216) 241-7225 or visit