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Barix Bulks Up Annuncicom

BCL helps with radio-specific applications.

“Parts is parts,” they say; but it could just as well be “bits is bits” when it comes to digital media.

An example is Barix’s Annuncicom digital player. Originally designed more for remote facility communications, the Annuncicom is now being peddled into the radio broadcast industry as a digital recorded message player.

Barix coding engineers are utilizing Barix Coding Language (BCL) to develop radio-specific applications such as station IDs, promos, EAS tones and other audio massaging.

According to CEO and founder Johannes G. Rietschel, “The Barix BCL environment is at the core of our ability to develop powerful and useful audio applications for Barix customers in the many markets we service, including radio broadcast and pro audio.”

He added: “Our new solid-state player applications provide a very cost-effective, no moving parts and low-power alternative to traditional solid-state players on the market. That includes the ability to update audio content over a network connection. The source code of the applications is delivered with the firmware and allows engineers and consultants to customize their Barix audio-over-IP solutions to meet specific requirements.”