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Bayliss Foundation Elects New Board Members

Bayliss Foundation Elects New Board Members

Three familiar names were elected to serve on the board of the Bayliss Foundation.
They are David Kennedy, president and chief operating officer of Susquehanna Radio Corp.; Peter Smyth, president and chief executive officer of Greater Media Inc.; and Skip Finley, vice chairman of ICBC Broadcast Holdings Inc.
Kennedy is a past chairman of the Joint Board of Directors and the Radio Board of Directors of the NAB. Smyth serves on the boards of the NAB and RAB. Finley serves on the Radio board of the NAB and National Association of Black-Owned Broadcasters, and is a past chairman of the RAB board
The board is preparing for the 1Annual Bayliss Radio Roast, scheduled for March 11. Lew Dickey, president and CEO of Cumulus Media, is this year’s roastee. The event benefits the Bayliss Radio Scholarship program, which awards scholarships to college students majoring in radio broadcasting.
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