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BBG Promises a ‘Transformed’ Agency

Strategic review for U.S. international broadcasting will produce recommendations soon

Recommendations for some big changes may be coming soon as a result of the Broadcasting Board of Governors’ review of U.S. international broadcasting.

The BBG, which supervises U.S. government broadcasting to overseas listeners like Radio Martí and Voice of America, wants to position its broadcasters for the future. As we’ve reported, it has been involved in a strategic review of U.S. international broadcasting with the hope of “transforming” it.

The consultations will lead shortly to recommendations, International Broadcasting Bureau Director Richard Lobo stated during a board meeting Thursday, according to a meeting summary. “Today, more than ever, we need to be wise stewards of every tax dollar. What we do has to have impact.” 

The board is looking at ways to bring the elements of U.S. international broadcasting together to increase efficiency and sharpen the broadcasters’ effectiveness.

Governor S. Enders Wimbush was quoted saying, “The strategic review effort has been intensive and revealing.”

The board also expressed its support and concern for Mikhal Karnievich, the RFE reporter fined earlier in the week for covering the Belarus independence day protests, and welcomed the release of Urunboy Usmonov, a reporter for the BBC World Service who was jailed in Tajikistan.

Lobo also briefed the governors on plans to use the $10 million the BBG received to advance Internet freedom in countries such as China, Cuba and Iran.

Watch the board meeting video


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