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BE, Beasley to Demo HD Radio Multicasting, Data at NAB Radio Show

BE, Beasley to Demo HD Radio Multicasting, Data at NAB Radio Show

Broadcast Electronics and Beasley Broadcast Group plan a demo of multicasting and other HD Radio applications at the NAB Radio Show next week.
Supplemental channels multicast on Beasley’s WXTU(FM), along with a main program service, will be picked off the air at the BE booth. BE said the multicast will demonstrate recent developments in bandwidth scaling demonstrated by its IDi 20 Data Importer and broadband transport demonstrated by its Big Pipe STL, components for transporting and configuring multiple program feeds.
The two companies will demonstrate receiver text readouts of song title and artist, plus data applications such as real-time traffic alerts with text coded by location and event (accident or freeway jam). Bandwidth will be configured for data file delivery using the data tunneling feature of BE’s IDi 20; the information will be interpreted by a navigational system and mapped for display.
BE will show text and data applications as part of its integrated Now Playing and AudioVault display, a studio suite combining on-air activities with over-the-Internet, RDS and HD Radio text activities.