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BEL Wants Your Old Gear

If you own or manage a facility and have surplus equipment taking up space you would otherwise be putting to good use, we're here to help clean it out and put cash in your pocket at the same time.

Supply Side is a series of occasional articles about industry suppliers. Broadcast Equipment Liquidators LLC is a new entity based in Sacramento, Calif.; Paul Anderson is president.

RW: Who and where are BEL’s target sellers and buyers?
Anderson: We are targeting radio and TV stations throughout the United States as well as globally to aid them in selling their surplus equipment. We are also working with manufacturers in locating buyers for their surplus new and used equipment.

Target buyers are anywhere on the planet thanks to our Web site’s online reach. Regions include the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

(click thumbnail)Paul Anderson and Dale Tucker
RW: Who owns the company and who are the principal players?
Anderson: I am president; Dale Tucker is senior vice president. We are both long-time residents of Northern California and sole owners of the company.

I have experience in many areas including sales for Chancellor Broadcasting in Sacramento, which I left to found my own ad agency. Dale Tucker recently exited Radio World following a 17 year career with the company. His background includes virtually all phases of radio including on-air, programming and equipment sales nationally and regionally for many years.

RW: Why do you feel the industry needs a company like Broadcast Equipment Liquidators?
Anderson: First, we believe it’s a long-overdue service to broadcasters and is a balanced effort to seller and buyer.

If you own or manage a facility and have surplus equipment taking up space you would otherwise be putting to good use, we’re here to help clean it out and put cash in your pocket at the same time.

We believe our approach is unique in that the station retains possession of the gear until it’s sold. Starting with our Web site listing hundreds of available items and continuing with other outlets, we work diligently to assist with the station in a smooth and hassle-free transaction.

Second, except for an extremely heavy piece of equipment that cannot bring a decent price due to age, etc., we pay shipping within the U.S.

RW: Do you compete with established vendors?
Anderson: The short answer is no. While other liquidation firms do exist, we feel that our methodology is sufficiently different to remove us from the serious competitor category.

RW: Let’s say I have a stack of old gear out in the shed from my previous facility upgrade. What kind of transaction should I expect with BEL?
Anderson: We need an inventory list from you for us to research. We find the original selling price and discount that based on age and condition. We use a standard formula for this and the percentage of the selling price which we return to you. Typically, you are sent a check within three weeks of the unit shipping when the buyer pays for its.

RW: What kind of gear would we find these days at a typical facility, that’s going unused?
Anderson: The blanket answer is audio and RF. With audio, it’s everything from the microphone in the studio to the audio processor in the rack. Same with RF — the STL to transmitter and antenna.

RW: What’s your own personal favorite classic piece of radio gear?
Anderson: Frankly, I’m not a fancier of radio equipment but certainly appreciate classic designs; Dale says most anything designed by Henry Dreyfuss for Western Electric or any of Harry Olsen’s great products for RCA

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