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Lawo Offers Small Crosspoint Switcher

VSM Snap provides basic functionality on an LBP pushbutton panel

Lawo is going with a new version of its VSM control system, announcing the VSM Snap, a smaller “crosspoint switching only” tool that provides basic functionality on an LBP pushbutton panel. VSM Snap can control third-party gear directly and without a VSM server. It addresses small matrix applications and can be used as a backup router control system for a VSM system.

Regular LBP pushbutton panels with an extended memory module and specific software are required for VSM Snap operation. This allows an LBP panel to talk router control protocols and process simple router control logic without a VSM server. VSM Snap is available in six types of panels — LBP 8 Snap, LBP 24 Snap, LBP 32 DT Snap, LBP 17 Snap, LBP 34 Snap and LBP 51 Snap — and range in size from 17 to 51 buttons as 19-inches and desktop modules.

Multiple VSM Snap panels can be run within the same network and can connect to the same third-party device.
VSM Snap natively supports most common control protocols, including Leitch, Pro-Bel SW-P-08 and nVision.

VSM Snap is now available, with its specific software available for download.