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BMI Adds Part 15 Radio License

BMI Adds Part 15 Radio License

Part 15 radio stations may be small, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to worry about paying licensing fees for the music they play.
Those low-power, specialized broadcasters – many of them on the AM band, such as carrier-current college stations – can expect to hear from BMI about a new licensing arrangement under which they have access to the BMI catalog for a flat fee of $200 per year.
The licensing organization for the first time has established such a license. BMI Senior Vice President of Licensing John Shaker said the organization had received numerous requests for a license to cover public performance of music on these stations.
A spokesman told RW that most of the stations it will contact first are Part 15 AMs. “It’s hard to say how many we can anticipate licensing. As you know, it is hard to track these broadcasters since they do not have to be licensed by the FCC.”
BMI represents some 4.5 million songs.