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Brilliance OFHC Cables Boast Halogen-Free Plastic

No toxic gas and low smoke emissions during a fire.

These days more and more equipment manufacturers are embracing “green” practices regarding product development. Belden is among them.

Its Brilliance OFHC halogen-free speaker cables use halogen-free plastic, which means no toxic gas and low smoke emissions during a fire.

Brilliance OFHC speaker cables are available in four types of unshielded single pair and speaker snake cable. These include 2.5 mm and 4.0 mm constructions, each with 100, 500 and 1000 meter put-ups. The cables have copper conductors to transmit sound, and are twisted and coded to ease identification.

In addition, polyolefin insulation, which Belden says is better than traditional PVC, provides audio clarity together with high frequency response and extended distance runs. The cables have flexible, black, halogen-free jackets.

The company says the cables ease installation via highly stranded copper conductors, and zone legends for location identification and meter-marked cable jackets. They can be used inside or outdoors with cold flexibility up to –40 degrees Celsius. Belden notes that their small outer diameter significantly reduces cable space.