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Broadcast Tools Debuts Call Director, More

Broadcast Tools Debuts Call Director, More

The Teleswitch 6 from Broadcast Tools is new. It routes up to six telephone lines and will work with any phone hybrid. Lines are connected to the 1RU controller, which connects to the desktop switch console via standard Cat-5 cable. Up to three more switch consoles can be connected. The system comes with Windows-based call screening software.
Also this spring, Broadcast Tools has introduced a 16×16 stereo audio routing switcher, the SS16.16. It features a 40×4 LCD display to assist operation and programming of custom commands. The switcher includes serial control ports and a 16-input GPI port for remote switching with contact closures. “NetSwitch” Windows-compatible control software is supplied.
Also new is Program Schedule Controller II, a sequencer for up to 512 events. The PSC II can interface with two serially controlled devices (using RS-232 or RS-422 connections) and has 16 relays for GPI interface. It is supplied with a Garmin 12 Channel GPS receiver with embedded antenna that can be located up to 4,000 feet away. The PSC II can control events by time and date, time and day of the week, serial port commands, or remote contact closures.
And the company is showing Silence Monitor III, a new version of the Smart Silence Monitor, now with audible alert, adjustable silence thresholds, front-panel control and automatic backup audio switching.