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Building a Better Mousetrap

If you build it, they will come (via Kickstarter)
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Maybe you’ve heard of the HackRF software-defined radio hardware project and maybe you haven’t. The idea is an inexpensive, app. $300, USB-based open source software radio transceiver computer peripheral, the size of a slim paperback novel, for handling any RF between 30 MHz through 6 GHz. Pretty ambitious.

The developer, Michael Ossmann, decided to put a fundraising effort out onto the Kickstarter crowdsourcing platform. He was looking for $80,000 to build better prototypes.

He blew past that amount in early September and as of this week was over $600,000. A lesson to inventors and tinkerers — there’s interest in seemingly good and reasonable ideas.


Building a Better Model for Ibiquity

It's like we're all watching a troubled sci-fi movie: "The Day the IBOC World Stood Still." Digital audio broadcasting for radio is being counted on heavily for the industry's survival in this all-digital electronic era. But the only developments I hear regarding Ibiquity's proposed rollout of IBOC nowadays are from broadcasters, and they are not too positive.