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C-Band Users, Check Your Listing

FCC releases updated incumbent list

Photo courtesy Dawnco

C-Band users, take note. The Federal Communications Commission released an updated list of earth stations this month.

Making note of this, the law firm Wilkinson Barker Knauer says radio stations should review the list “to make sure that any earth station that you operate is included and that all of the details of its operations are correct.”

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“The updated list (see a PDF version here and an Excel version here) reflects a variety of changes to earth station registrations, including address or coordinate corrections, registration/licensee name changes due to sales or other transfers, and the removal of earth stations that were reportedly inactive and unresponsive to FCC inquiries about their status,” the law firm wrote in a newsletter of the Vermont Association of Broadcasters.

The FCC’s public notice lists Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) earth stations in the 3.7–4.2 GHz band (C-Band) within the contiguous United States that the International Bureau has found satisfy the criteria to be classified as incumbent earth stations for purposes of the C-Band transition.