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iHeart Offers Programmatic “COVID Recovery Program”

Includes location-based messaging that takes into account different local reopening conditions

With an eye on a reopening economy, iHeartMedia rolled out a suite of programmatic offerings for advertisers that it dubs the SmartAudio COVID Recovery Program.

 SmartAudio is the company’s programmatic platform. The announcement of offerings targeting a recovering consumer economy was made by President of Revenue and Data Operations Brian Kaminsky.

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The suite includes the “SmartAudio COVID Community Recovery Index,” which incorporates location-based marketing. “With different communities recovering at different times and at different paces, it’s important for brands to be able to adjust their messaging based on whether their community is still under a stay-at-home order, beginning to reopen local businesses or have already established their new way of conducting business post COVID-19,” iHeart stated in the announcement.

So the index “dynamically optimizes a brand’s creative to deliver the right message at the right time to the right community by using location-based mobility data to gauge the number of people out of home for recreation, shopping or headed to work.”

The new programmatic offerings also include “SmartAudio Brand Loyalists,” which targets a business’ customers who listen to broadcast radio, and “SmartAudio Unlimited.” The latter lets brands take the audience data used to create SmartAudio broadcast radio campaigns and apply it to marketing efforts on mobile, the internet and smart speakers via iHeartRadio. You can read the announcement here.