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MMTC Seeks Donated Gear for Broadcaster Hit by Protest

Kongsue Xiong runs an AM station in St. Paul

Kongsue Xiong, KFXN
Kongsue Xiong

The MMTC hopes you can help a fellow broadcaster whose business was damaged during the recent protests in St. Paul, Minn. It asks for possible equipment donations or other support.

Kongsue Xiong is an immigrant from Laos, an American citizen and a minority broadcast owner, according to the Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council. He began working with MMTC, it said, when KFXN(AM) was donated to the organization by iHeartRadio. The station serves the large Hmong-American community in St. Paul with news, talk and entertainment.

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“Kongsue ran the station for many years under an LMA; in 2014 he became the licensee and operator of the station. Today he is facing a difficult time keeping his station on the air and dealing with damage to his building, which is an unexpected expense,” MMTC stated in an email. “In the past weeks, prior to the protests his equipment began to fail; he now has to invest in restoring his studio building from the protest damage.”

“MMTC is seeking to assist him to get over this hurdle by soliciting on his behalf radio gear to be donated to Asian American Broadcasting. Please let us know how you might help, reach out to Suzanne Gougherty or David Honig.”