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NAB Foundation Launches Diversity Resource

Web page connects organizations with associations and consultants that can help with their DEI

Diversity montage
An image from the new NABLF resource center.

A new website aims to help media companies and professionals “create and sustain a diverse and inclusive workplace.”

It was created by the National Association of Broadcasters Leadership Foundation. The Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Resource Center promises to connect organizations with associations and consultants that can help with what has come to be called their DEI — diversity, inclusion and equity.

The announcement was made by NABLF President Michelle Duke, who recently was named the NAB’s chief diversity officer.

The site is essentially a pool of links to third parties and a summary of what kind of resources could be found at those destinations. Topics on the site can be filtered by associations and organizations; consultants; resources; and training and courses.

A sample is Brown University; its listing on the resource site links to the school’s Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit, which includes best practices for recruitment, communicating across cultures and building a respectful workplace, including guidelines for working with LGBTWQQ+, veterans and individuals with disabilities.

We counted about 120 such links so far, and NABLF is inviting more.

“These connections can help companies reassess business strategies, launch diversity initiatives that embrace unique perspectives and voices, and provide education programs for leadership teams and staff to better integrate DEI in their operations,” the foundation stated.

The resource center also offers information about personal professional development courses.