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SiriusXM Introduces AudioID, an “Identity Solution”

Company thinks it’ll be a big deal in helping marketers reach listeners at scale

SXM Media, part of SiriusXM, has rolled out a “listener identity solution” called AudioID that it says will help marketers reach consumers “at scale.”

“AudioID puts content and audiences first, providing an improved consumer experience across multiple platforms and a better way for brands to buy audio advertising,” the company stated. It calls this an example of its investment in audio ad technology “to make advertising across satellite radio, streaming music and podcasts as simple as pressing play or turning the dial.”

The announcement was made by Chief Revenue Officer John Trimble. AudioID uses technology from AdsWizz, which is owned by SiriusXM.

The company, which owns streaming platform Pandora and podcast producer Stitcher in addition to its flagship satellite business, positions itself as “the largest digital audio ad ecosystem in North America,” and said AudioID will expand its impact and appeal.

AudioID uses an algorithm that accepts and matches a variety of “consented” listener signals and weighs them, responding to ad requests by finding or creating “unique, anonymized AudioIDs.” IDs can be tapped for functions such as forecasting, frequency decisions and first-party targeting.

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The company will use its datasets of the populations of Pandora, SiriusXM and Stitcher listeners, matching them to create AudioIDs. “This will allow for a better ad experience for consumers, marketers and publishers, tapping into listener behavior and preferences in a way that supports the future of identity safety while helping marketers achieve their goals.”

Later this year, AudioID will be extended to off-platform parties through AdsWizz. Right now the effort is focused on the United States; in the longer term the company hopes to expand AudioID globally.

It said privacy protection is embedded into AudioID through anonymity. “AudioID always remaining an optional (versus required) solution for external parties.” Chris Record, senior vice president and head of ad product, technology & operations at SXM Media and AdsWizz, was quoted describing AudioID as “a consumer-first, privacy-conscious infrastructure.”

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