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Xperi Spotlights DTS AutoStage

Company expands on reasons for the name change

DTS AutoStage, Xperi
DTS AutoStage promo image

Xperi has officially announced the renaming of its DTS Connected Radio hybrid radio platform as DTS AutoStage.

Radio World recently reported the change after the company did a “soft rollout” of the new name during the online CES show in January.

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In a press release the company expanded on the reasons. Xperi said the move reflects “the broad application of the platform within automotive infotainment systems.”

DTS AutoStage recently launched in the Daimler MBUX infotainment system, so it is showing up in vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Xperi said the platform also won a 2021 Business Intelligence Group (BIG) Innovation Award.

“The rebrand to DTS AutoStage was in part driven by the opportunities resulting from Xperi’s merger with TiVo in June 2020, which enabled the integration of TiVo’s world-class music metadata and personalized content discovery engine,” according to a press release.

It said the branding represents the entertainment “stages” the platform offers as well as how it can “amplify those stages as in-cabin technology continues to evolve.”

Recently announced features include lyrics, content metadata and personalization capabilities.

Xperi said its partners now include Entercom, Beasley, Cox Radio, Bauer Media and Global Radio, as well as regional platforms FM World, Quu Interactive, and RadioApp.

Hybrid radio systems combine over-the-air reception with an internet connection that delivers metadata and can allow “service following” in which a receiver switches automatically to a station’s stream when the car is out of the range of the broadcast signal.