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DTS Joins the MBUX Multimedia Platform

Digital technology company announces agreement with Daimler

DTS Connected Radio promotional image
A DTS Connected Radio promotional image

The DTS Connected Radio platform that Xperi has been working on for some time is coming to market now and will be part of the sophisticated MBUX multimedia car platform, the company announced.

The Daimler MB User Experience, or “MBUX,” is featured in the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class line.

DTS Connected Radio is a hybrid radio system that combines reception of broadcast signals with IP-delivered metadata; the company says it is now available in 48 countries. Hybrid systems provide a transition for a listener from broadcast to internet as a car drives out of range of a station OTA signal.

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The company also said its content comes from 48,000 radio stations and millions of tracks, albums and artist bios. DTS believes it has the world’s largest database of broadcast metadata.

S Class MBUX display
S-Class MBUX display. MBUX stands for Mercedes-Benz User Experience.

It stated in the press release: “DTS Connected Radio features big beautiful art, comprehensive artist and album information and imagery, songs, playlists, content recommendations, lyrics, local events, podcasts, and more, enriching broadcasts from thousands of radio stations around the world.”

Xperi General Manager of Automotive Jeff Jury described the relationship as “partnering with Daimler to help make what they call the ‘Third Place’ — a refuge between home and workspace — more delightful.”

In a Radio World interview in July, Jury was asked what was notable about the MBUX system.

“First, Daimler [the parent of Mercedes] is not just handing over the dash to Apple or Google,” he said at the time. “They are innovating for their customers. This is a great outcome for the radio industry because it means not all entertainment needs to be behind a car play or android for auto wall.

“Second, the main screen has radio as a separate icon (and apps as a separate icon). This shows that radio is compelling, and importantly, a standalone infotainment source for Daimler buyers. Again, good for the radio industry because radio is a main option, not one of many apps in the dash.”

DTS highlights research that says radio remains a “must have” dashboard feature and reaches more adults 25–54 than other audio sources. Jury said those consumers want radio “to be as rich and engaging as other media platforms and experiences, particularly a mobile experience.”

DTS promotes its platform to carmakers as a global one, compatible with analog AM/FM and global digital radio formats including DAB, DAB+ and its own HD Radio technology. It said the platform enables OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to create better user interfaces without consuming a lot of data and computer resources in the vehicle.

Xperi is also the parent of DTS AutoSense, which monitors drivers and occupants; and HD Radio.

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