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BYU Radio Explores Digital Radio Mondiale

BYU Radio Explores Digital Radio Mondiale

VT Merlin Communications said it signed a deal with BYU Radio, part of Brigham Young University, to deliver programming using the Digital Radio Mondiale system.
The programming will air from a VT Merlin shortwave site in Rampisham in the United Kingdom using a DRM-capable 500 kW HF transmitter. The target coverage area includes Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
VT Merlin said it is offering digital transmission capacity from Rampisham to highlight the benefits of DRM to broadcast markets.
“BYU programming is transmitted as part of the religious stream, which features many of the world’s most distinguished faith broadcasters, including HCJB Radio, Trans World Radio, LeSea Broadcasting and Family Radio,” it stated.
DRM, which launched last summer, is a digital broadcast system for broadcasting in the AM bands below 30 MHz using existing frequencies and bandwidth. VT Merlin is part of the DRM consortium.