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Cats FM Smoothes Sound With Jünger

D07 help balance audio levels across eight-station network

Six Jünger Audio D07 two-channel digital transmission processors are being use to smooth audio levels at Cats FM.

Based in Kuching, Malaysia, Cats FM operates an eight transmitter FM network to cover Sarawak, as well as neighboring portions of Brunei and Indonesia, which share the island of Borneo with Malaysia.

Cats FM decided to purchase the D07s after trialling a D06 with Level Magic in its studio.

“The difference this unit made was really noticeable,” said Cats FM Engineering Manager Terrence Lim. “After hooking it up in our studio, there was an immediate improvement in level. If the D06 can work that well in the studio, I don’t see any reason why the D07 units shouldn’t do even better out in the field.

Lim opted for the D07 units because of the addition of an MPX limiter and pre-emphasis, which he felt offered better control of the FM signal energy.

Both the D06 and D07 incorporate Jünger’s Level Magic system, a series of automated level and loudness control devices that adjust audio levels without pumping, breathing or distortion. Level Magic simultaneously combines an AGC, a transient processor for fast changes and a look-ahead peak limiter for unattended control of any program material.